About Us


A new world of comfort.

'Since 2007 we've been designing comfortable, cool and high-quality clothes for the pursuit of alternative, new-age, spiritual and Yoga culture. We think our big success is in creating garments that combine the unique designs and simplicity of the East with modern upgrades on things like fastenings and materials. We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoy making them'.

Who We Are

Free Be Unisex is the creation of Anat Avram and Ran Ferenc, partners and ex-backpackers who fell in love with the East, and with beautiful Thailand most of all. The simplicity of the culture and the people of this area is unique, and even if it’s labelled undeveloped by some westerners, we felt it was much more advanced and most of all, right, then so-called developed, modern western cultures. One of the items of that culture are the clothes that it produces to live your life in. Like many backpackers, we fell in love with the simplicity and comfort of the Thai fishermen trousers.

Originally these trousers were worn by fishermen and farmers all around Thailand and Myanmar.. The strength, the simplicity and the ultimate flexibility of motion that they allow are unique, and were worn and adored for hundreds of years before western culture took over and pushed aside many traditional outfits. In the late 1980s Thai fishermen trousers were discovered again by the first backpackers who travelled in the area, and grew again in popularity on the beaches and in the popular in the tourists markets of Thailand and the East.

When we finished our period of free travelling and settled down we decided to bring some of the basic culture virtues that we experienced to Western culture. We found that there are a lot of people who share our ideas of good living and personal freedom, so we combined our professional skills and opened Free Be Unisex, to fill the need for casual comfortable clothes that we sensed.

Since 2007 we’ve been designing comfortable and high quality clothes for the western markets of alternative, new age, spiritual and Yoga culture. Our big success is in creating clothes that combine the unique designs and simplicity of the East with modern materials (such as linen, rayon, Velcro for the fastenings), to make a beautifully wearable, fashionable look.

We believe that clothes need to be in harmony with the body that wears them, and should have minimum contact with the skin. The garment needs to respond easily to every movement and posture so the body can feel free; we use light airy fabrics and wide modular designs to get this effect. But, we’ve always tried to keep one eye on mainstream Western fashion, so we can enjoy wearing these clothes in public. Trust me – you’ll get complimented on them.

We started our marketing in ecological, spiritual and world music festivals, where we got a very good response from the audience, and the clothes’ popularity grew. In order to keep this festival spirit that we like so much and to keep a closer connection with our customer we decided to sell our products only online. At that time it was a pretty brave decision, which raised a few eyebrows in the industry. Our online store eventually became a big success because of the fact that most of our design have a modular and adjustable size – so it’s very easy to get the right size without an in-store fitting. And by cutting out the middleman (fashion stores), we are able to offer a high quality products at a good price.

Ultimately, we’ve come at this business with a good heart – we want to celebrate Eastern culture, and design clothes that allow you to feel as liberated from restrictive Western values and materials as possible, but that still mean you look good. Have a look through our range – we think you’ll agree, we’ve done a decent job, and we’re proud of being able to make this contribution to people’s lives.

A World Of Comfort